Chapter 1

A Grassroots

Using Art as Activism

Ithaca Project: Deep Breath

Centered around an eight minute poem in three parts, by Dr. Nia Nunn entitled Deep Breath, Chapter 1 of Stand Up, Show Up, Listen was filmed in Ithaca NY in July 2020, in the middle of a global pandemic.

Volunteers gathered, spaces were donated, and Dancers came from several communities to show up, listen and dance to the activating and healing words of Dr. Nia Nunn.

We believe that intersectionality means pooling our resources.
Pooling our talents and ideas.
We believe that sharing the advantages we’ve gained with our brothers and sisters and siblings on this planet will help raise our overall vibration and make the world a kinder, safer place for all.

It starts with us. We hope you enjoy our project.
thanks for showing up

Welcome to some loving truth.

Meet Dr. Nun

As a scholar and community worker, Dr. Nia’s life’s work is the intersection of theory and practice. Rather than getting lost in out-of touch, dry, academic theory, she makes high-level insights feel accessible, human, and bite-sized so participants feel invited to the conversation, and empowered to unlock the power of empathy and connection—individually & collectively.