Show up. Stand up. Listen.

Show up Stand Up Listen is an Anti-Racist, Art-as-Activism  project.

Chapter 1: Deep Breath,
featuring Artist/Poet/Scholar/Dancer/Researcher Dr. Nia Nunn is our first piece.
We hope you find it illuminating.

Chapter 1:
Deep Breath

One summer, during an uprising, and a global pandemic, a group of people gathered at the Cherry Arts space in Ithaca, New York to rally around Dr. Nia Nunn's poem, Deep Breath.
Local activists, dancers and volunteers came to dance out our anger and to breathe into what hurts.

…and after they danced to Dr. Nunn’s poem, backed by the special music composed by Jon Keefner, we sat with each performer for an interview.
Below, you’ll find some of the most poignant of those moments

Chapter One

Ithaca Project:
Deep Breath

Centered around an eight minute poem in three parts, by Dr. Nia Nunn entitled Deep Breath, Chapter 1 of Stand Up, Show Up, Listen was filmed in Ithaca NY in July 2020, in the middle of a global pandemic.

Volunteers gathered, spaces were donated, and Dancers came from several communities to show up, listen and dance to the activating and healing words of Dr. Nia Nunn.

Meet Our Amazing Team

Jonathan Keefner


Daraisi Marte

Youth Advocate, Human Rights Activist, Hip-Hop Dance and Culture Anthropologist

Art is a part of every culture so everyone can resonate with it. Everyone wants to consume it or take part in it. If done well you will definitely grab attention. Historically performance art has been known to help society as a whole via self-knowledge and understanding. Performance arts teaches society about itself. It points out the attitude and mindset of our current society and can be used to educate people about their conditions and bring about social and political change. Racism is embedded in the fibers of the fabric that built this nation. Conversations about race are sometimes hard to have but if a person can identify themselves in a character on stage, be it the oppressor or the oppressed, it will provoke thought, challenge their world view and rile them up to the point of discussion and reflection. If racism is not talked about it will not change and it can’t be talked about openly and honestly without the creation of safe spaces. Your art is powerful! Use it wisely.

Rachel McIntosh


Rachel believes if we raise our collective awareness around intimidating issues, like injustice and systemic racism, we can unite and rise up together for a humanity-led revolution

Mickie Quinn


Mickie lives in a Venn diagram of overlapping circles of art, production, and education. She uses her tools to create inclusive productions and to uplift artists and audiences alike.

Deja Ciaschi


Regina DeMauro

Dancer/Youth Librarian

Kevin Olmstead


Erin Griffeth


Ian Cummings


Rachel Ferro


Shannon Nash


Ari Kissiloff

Professor, Ithaca College

Heather Sandford


Kate Griffin

Audio Engineer/Musician

Melissa Crumrine


Jenny Zhang

Student, Cornell University

Charlie Hamilton


Lisa White


She is an award winning commercial and non-fiction editor based in NYC. Her work includes the docuseries “Released” on the OWN network and “Marvel’s Hero Project” on Disney+, as well as many TV commercial and promo projects.
To hire her for your next project please email

Terrence Moline


Terrence Moline, founder of brought his magic to the project with fonts created by black font designers and purchased for this project. The colors were chosen by Terrence and Nia, and honored each part of the poem with a unifying “Revolutionary Yellow”

Dom Lounds

Editorial Assistant